How Long Does a Sleep Evaluation Take

How Long Does a Sleep Evaluation Take

December 13, 2022

Sleep evaluation, also known as polysomnography, is a sleep study that involves a series of comprehensive tests to diagnose sleep disorders. During the study, a sleep doctor will closely analyze a patient’s reaction to looking for what may be causing sleep problems. Although these tests are usually done at night, we carry them out during the day, too, since we understand that some patients work night shifts and only find time to sleep during the day.

Modern Sleep Evaluation: Duration and Treatment


Quite a large number of people with sleep problems avoid seeking treatment for lack of free time to go to sleep clinics. Hopefully, that will change now that experienced sleep doctors have introduced modern ways of diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. We currently have patients who have already started embracing this technology and are undergoing Online Sleep Evaluation In Mesa.

Modern sleep evaluation uses questionnaires and monitoring devices with advanced software to identify what may be causing you to experience sleep problems. Unlike what some have been made to believe, online sleep evaluations are as effective as traditional ones, only that they don’t require the patient to be physically present in the clinic for a consultation to take place. The approach has proven beneficial since patients can access sleep apnea treatment irrespective of location or work schedule.


We value your time and wouldn’t want you to spend a minute longer than you have to. Therefore, our Home Sleep Apnea Test and Online Sleep Evaluation In Mesa only requires you to follow the instruction provided when setting up our at-home monitoring devices.

Setting up the gadgets won’t take long, just about 30 minutes max, and you’ll be done. It’s also not complicated, so you can do it yourself without prior training. After the devices have captured all that’s needed, the final step would be going to one of our sleep clinics near you so our specialist can read what the sleep monitoring devices captured.


Modern treatment for sleep problems uses an unconventional but effective approach to treat patients diagnosed with sleep problems. Below are a few common examples of how we can treat your sleep problems after a successful evaluation:

Taylor Made Light Therapy

When used according to the doctor’s instructions, exposure to light can help reset your circadian rhythm. So, using light therapy, we can assist patients with sleep apnea to find sleep easily and enjoy uninterrupted sleep patterns. Our doctor will provide more details on how to use the light device after consultation.

Sleep Monitor Fitness Tracker

Our at-home sleep apnea treatment program utilizes highly advanced sleep monitoring trackers to capture patients’ regular sleeping patterns. We, therefore, made sleep monitor fitness trackers to issue to patients who have opted for at-home sleep evaluation.

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Do you snore at night? You may not be able to hear yourself snore, but those around you definitely will. Fortunately, we found a way to treat snoring among our patients through our anti-snoring mouthpiece devices. We made the mouthpiece adjustable to fit everyone so you can comfortably stop snoring and get better airflow.

What Happens if You Can’t Sleep During a Sleep Study?

It’s not uncommon for patients to have problems falling asleep during a sleep study. When that happens, we usually recommend the patient take a sleeping pill so we can effectively monitor their sleep pattern.

What Should You Not Do Before Sleep?

You may not have known this but taking part in certain activities before bedtime can cause you to lose sleep. Here are a few examples:

Stress: Stressing over things you can’t control only makes matters worse. Avoid deep thoughts before bedtime as that may cause insomnia and, in some patients, high blood pressure.

Eat Late at Night: Do you work until late at night? If that’s the case, try to find time to eat out before your shift ends so your body can start digesting the dinner you ate before you go to bed. Don’t go to sleep immediately after a meal; you may end up with heartburn or feel uncomfortable after lying down.

Drink Tea or Coffee: Taking coffee or tea before sleep can cause insomnia. So do your best to limit your coffee or tea intake to not fall within your sleep schedule.


Many people suffer from sleep apnea but don’t bother going for treatment. However, we strongly advise against it since sleep apnea is known to cause serious health problems and fatigue that may cost you your health and your job in the future. Instead, we recommend visiting Taylor Made Sleep soon as you start having sleep troubles so your sleep apnea can be diagnosed and treated early.

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