Sleep Studies: What You Need to Know

Sleep Studies: What You Need to Know

September 3, 2021

It is recommended that every adult should get at least eight hours of sleep every day. But with increased stressors in the world, many people have been struggling to get enough sleep. Some people don’t even get 5 hours of sleep a day.
But lack of enough sleep or uncomfortable sleep can lead to some serious health problems in the long run. That is why it is important to look for a sleep center near you and get a diagnosis of your problem so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep like other people.
In this blog, we will discuss sleep studies in detail to know what they entail and how they can help you. We can help you if you are looking for sleep apnea treatment near you in Mesa, AZ.

What is a Sleep Study?

If your doctor suggests that you might need a sleep study, it might leave you thinking that you will need to go somewhere for months and let researchers take data from you and thousands of others. That is not the case, though.
A sleep study is an overnight sleep exam that allows a doctor to monitor what is happening in your body and brain. In most cases, you will need to go to a sleep lab for one night, usually in a sleep center or hospital. While sleeping, the experts will monitor the cycles of REM and non-REM and sleep stages to identify the disruptions that could be affecting your sleep.
These studies also measure other things such as eye movements, oxygen levels in the blood, breathing rates, body movements, snoring, and heart rates.

Types of Sleep Studies

There are different types of sleep studies, and the right one for you will depend on your symptoms and sleeping disorders. These sleep studies include:


It is the most common sleep study whereby the sleep technician monitors a patient’s sleep patterns in a sleep center or clinic. The technician measures several functions, including eye movements, brain activity, airflow, muscle activity, snoring, heart rates snoring, oxygen levels, and body positioning.
Multiple Sleep Latency Test
Typically, this test is used to measure the time a patient takes before falling to sleep and how fast they enter REM (rapid eye movement) during their daytime naps. The test is primarily used to diagnose daytime sleepiness that could be affecting how you work, and there is no particular cause for daytime sleep.

CPAP Titration

CPAP titration is a common treatment for sleep apnea. The sleep technician determines the amount of air pressure you will need to  program the CPAP machine for home use. Typically, the CPAP study usually requires more than one study. Your doctor will guide you accordingly.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

If you don’t want to go to a hospital or sleep center for the study, the technician can arrange it so that you can have it at your home. Like the Polysomnography study, home testing measures your heart rate, breathing, and other variables. However, at-home testing may provide less information since your sleep will not be overseen all through by the expert.

Uses of Sleep Studies

Typically, sleep studies are used to diagnose some of the following sleep problems:

  • Sleep talking
  • Sleepwalking
  • REM sleep behavior disorder
  • Sleep apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Periodic limb movement disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome

Who Can Use a Sleep Study?

Currently, there are over 100 million undiagnosed cases of sleep apnea in the US alone. With such numbers, it is only right to say we all can probably use a sleep study. Your doctor will prescribe a sleep study depending on your overall health and the symptoms you are showing. Here are some symptoms that might suggest that you need a sleep study more than you think:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Daytime fatigue and reduced concentration
  • Drowsiness.
  • Increased stress levels and depression
  • Overweight: most people struggling with obesity often suffer from sleeping disorders.

If the doctor identifies any sleep problems, he will recommend a treatment that will work perfectly for you. If your symptoms don’t improve, the doctor may suggest a follow-up study to help him figure out the next steps of treatment.

How Much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

The cost of the study is not standard in all areas, making it quite difficult to estimate. Sleep centers usually charge less than big hospitals. Be sure to speak with the clinic of your choice beforehand so that you can be psychologically prepared. We are here for you if you are looking for a sleep study in Mesa, AZ.

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