Understanding the Importance of Online Sleep Evaluation

Understanding the Importance of Online Sleep Evaluation

April 1, 2021

The quality of your sleep affects the quality of your life. If you are not getting sufficient sleep at night, it will affect your life in different aspects, including physically, emotionally, and even mentally.

While not many people visit sleep centers for examinations, many go there for treatments. A huge part of the world’s population suffers from one or more different sleeping disorders that require treatment. This is why sleep examination matters, to help underline any health issue you may have that causes poor quality sleep.

What Is Sleep Evaluation?

A sleep evaluation is an overnight exam that has a sleep specialist monitor your sleeping pattern. It involves a couple of tests that are used to examine and evaluate the quality of sleep. The tests examine the state of your body and brain while you sleep. This evaluation checks different issues in your sleep, including the following:

  • The amount of sleep you get every night – sleep experts in a sleep center near you will recommend about 8 hours or so every night.
  • Breathability when you sleep – your breathing patterns as you sleep can determine the quality of your sleep. When your breath is cut short repeatedly as you sleep, it could indicate that you have sleep apnea.
  • Distribution during the day – with sleep, it is not just about how much of it you get. It also matters what times of the day you sleep. Ideally, a sleep expert conducting an online sleep evaluation in Mesa will look into what times of the day you sleep. The distribution of sleep through 24 hours can help determine whether or not you are enjoying good quality sleep.
  • Oxygen and blood levels – the changes in your body can be identified by checking the blood and oxygen levels when you are sleeping.

How Does Online Sleep Evaluation Work?

There are different types of sleep studies. Some require that you physically present yourself to a sleep center for the tests. However, some studies can be done at home by yourself. Still, involving a professional through a sleep evaluation is best, since they are more knowledgeable on what to look for when checking the quality of your sleep.

The goal of sleep evaluation is to gather as much information as possible about how you sleep. A specialist will provide all the necessary resources that you can use when you sleep. EEG monitors are what track your oxygen and blood levels while you sleep. Sensors are used on your fingers to gather this kind of information. Other sensors are then meant to go to your chest and abdomen. These will help track and monitor the rising and falling of your breathing.

While the evaluation can be conducted online, there are no over-the-counter tests. A sleep expert has to prescribe this exam for you so you can take it at home.

Do You Need Sleep Evaluation?

Any person can get a sleep evaluation. However, the tests for quality sleep are only necessary for people who have trouble sleeping, particularly at night. While it may not be obvious for you when you have sleeping disorders, here are some of the symptoms you must consider as indicators that you need sleep evaluation:

  • Excessive snoring at night
  • Sleep disruption – waking up several times in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping
  • Excessive day time sleeping
  • Fatigue and drowsiness – usually random and not particularly linked to the activities of your day
  • Mood swings and irritability during the day
  • Inability to focus and concentrate for long hours


When it comes to diagnosing sleep disorders, it is important to talk to a sleep specialist. There are many sleeping disorders, many of which are not easy to diagnose without critical symptoms. In a matter of sense, some sleeping disorders may not be properly diagnosed by at-home tests. Eventually, you may need to check into a sleep center for advanced examination regarding the quality of your sleep. However, as long as you have involved a sleep expert in your evaluation process, then you are on the right path to figuring out what your sleep disorder is. Besides, only a professional can properly diagnose and treat your disorder.

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