What is the Newest Treatment for Sleep Apnea? How Do You Use Excite OSA?

What is the Newest Treatment for Sleep Apnea? How Do You Use Excite OSA?

July 1, 2022

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea affects one out of three individuals. OSA significantly impacts sleep quality when left untreated and results in other serious issues, like diabetes, hypertension, cognitive disorders, etc.

eXciteOSA is an FDA-approved and clinically proven device for lowering mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Made by Signifier Medical Technologies, it functions by providing electrical muscle stimulation via a mouthpiece that lies around the tongue. The mouthpiece is a rechargeable control unit. It powers the mouthpiece and the app that patients can use to monitor their progress, set reminders for treatment, etc.

The stimulation is in sessions containing a series of electric pulses with relaxation periods. This daytime treatment device enhances the functioning of tongue muscles while awake. With time, it prevents your tongue from blocking the airway from collapsing backward.

What Are the Latest Treatment Options Available for Sleep Apnea?

Below is the new treatment for sleep apnea that works:

Inspire Therapy

It is an FDA-approved OSA treatment. It functions to fix the primary cause of apnea to help you get the ZZZs you require. Inspire therapy provides mild stimulation to the essential airway muscles and monitors breathing while sleeping. It gently shifts the tongue and other delicate issues away from the airway for enough breathing during sleep.

Inspire sleep apnea device is ideal for people with moderate sleep apnea that are 22 years old or older. However, inspired therapy may not be suitable for everyone. Talk to your ENT doctor to find out if inspire therapy is a solution for you or not.


Sleep apnea and snoring occur in many people when the soft palate or the tongue gets too relaxed and collapses into the airway. It prevents the individual from breathing enough while sleeping at night.

eXcite OSA device uses a mild electric current to strengthen the tongue muscles. It is not made to use for patients with severe or moderate sleep apnea.

eXciteOSA treatment in Mesa is a groundbreaking treatment that helps lower mild sleep apnea and snoring in those 18 years or older. The device is used for just 20 minutes daily for six weeks and then twice weekly.

This digital OSA therapy incorporates an intuitive app to use alongside it. The app aims to provide highly personalized care and an excellent patient experience.

Benefits of Excite OSA Treatment Method

Excite OSA is a superb alternative to oral appliances and CPAP. The huge benefit is that you can use the advice while away. Also, there is no need to wear it while sleeping. Put the silicone mouthpiece in your mouth and activate the device using your smartphone.

You can notice nighttime results within the first six weeks to excite OSA. Furthermore, you will require a prescription from the sleep specialist, doctor, or other healthcare providers.

Below are the benefits of the world’s first daytime treatment for OSA:

Simple to Use

This tongue muscle stimulation device is highly convenient and easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that lets you activate each therapy session with one click. You need to download the eXciteOSA app on your android or iOS smartphone.

Then, attach the mouthpiece to the control unit and put it in your mouth. eXciteOSA app helps activate electrodes in the silicone mouthpiece through the control unit. It tailors every session and tracks the progress to make you stay focused on your therapy goals.

Use it Anywhere

excites is an excellent travel companion. So, you can take it anywhere and use it on the go.

Less Maintenance

Another major benefit of this OSA treatment at Taylor Made Sleep is that it requires minimal maintenance. For charging the device, plug in the USB charger.

Moreover, you must ensure the silicone mouthpiece stays clean before and after use. You can use tap water to wash the mouthpiece and dry it using a clean towel.

Easily Include the Therapy into Your Everyday Routine

You can incorporate this revolutionary treatment into your daily routine with ease. You need to take out 20 minutes a day to use eXciteOSA.

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