What is iNAP?

iNAP is a new alternative, non-surgical device for the treatment of mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea in adults. The system uses a soft, flexible mouthpiece, thin tubing, and a quiet battery-powered console. The size of a smartphone, iNAP delivers a light vacuum in the oral cavity that comfortably opens the airway during sleep as the patient breathes naturally through the nose.

How does iNAP work?

iNAP delivers a gentle suction inside the oral cavity, moving the tongue forward and away from the airway. When iNAP activates, it helps the patient establish a seal within the mouth. Once the seal is set, iNAP's intermittent negative airway pressure turns off, effectively eliminating the apnea while saving battery. Should the tongue move out of the optimal position, the device provides negative pressure again, helping the patient re-establish the seal and keeping the airway open (Seal = open airway). Vacuum in the oral cavity occurs when the patient closes their lips around the tubing portion of the oral interface, bringing the tongue forward and up toward the palate, thereby creating the seal. The device's external lights indicate when the patient is or is not in "seal time."


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