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How does light therapy affect sleep?

When used consistently and as recommended by a doctor, exposure to this light helps reset your circadian rhythm — the technical term for your body clock. As a result, individuals undergoing light therapy are better able to fall asleep earlier at night, or sleep in later in the morning, depending on what they need


    1. [Sunrise Simulation Wake-up Light Alarm Clock]
      The wake-up light simulates a natural dawn with optimum light and sound to help you wake up gradually and battle the morning blues.
    2. [Energy Saving LED Bulb & Baby safety]
      Energy Saving LED Bulb Included and Baby safety, This modern table lamp comes with a high-quality warm white LED bulb which meets strict test criteria including flicker-free, strobes, glare less.

  • [Eco-friendly material]
    As well made of toy grade ABS + PP plastic for children’s safety.
  • [Sunset Simulation Sleep Aid Bedside Lamp & Sound Machine]
    Seven light colors to be used as reading light, bedside lamp and atmosphere lighting.
  • [7 Natural Sounds & 7 LED Light Colors & ]
    Choose to wake up with 7 natural sounds or your favorite FM station. The clock supports manual/automatic switching of the light between yellow, red, purple, blue, indigo, green and cyan.

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