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Are your employees sleep deprived? You may not notice it—but your bottom line will.

Why Sleep Education and Testing Should Be a Part of Corporate Wellness

A 2016 study by Rand Corporation (Why Sleep Matters: Quantifying the Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep) reported that sleep deprivation costs the U.S economy approximately $411 billion a year, which accounts for more than 2 percent of the GDP.

The fight against sleep deprivation at a national level must first be won at the individual and organizational levels. As a company, you stand to gain significant benefits if you ensure your employees are getting adequate sleep every night. Some of the key benefits of a well-rested staff include increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Taylormade Sleep Services and Consulting can help you accomplish the task at hand by working closely with your employees to tackle sleep deprivation at the micro-level.

Our experienced, board-certified sleep specialists in Gilbert, AZ, have an impressive track record of helping individuals achieve wellness through customized sleep programs and treatments.

Why Sleep Deprivation Should Worry You

Chronic, unaddressed sleep deprivation leads to a host of illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and erectile dysfunction, to name a few.

These conditions typically require constant visits to the doctor and ongoing medications, resulting in increased healthcare spending.

You can tackle both problems at once by getting to the root cause of the issue. Our sleep specialists near you focus on identifying the sleep problem and providing long-term intervention. This way, your employees can look forward to restful nights and productive days.

Why Do Most Patients Struggle with Sleep Programs?

It’s not uncommon for patients to fall off a sleep program before getting to the finish line. Why is this the case?

Typically, many traditional sleep study programs follow a predictable script that goes as follows:

Event Duration/Timeline Cost/Type of Payment
First Doctor Visit 2 hours Co-Pay
Referral sent to the lab Two weeks to verify insurance and schedule $600 -$900
Results 2 to 3 weeks later
Second Doctor Visit (get results from the sleep study, schedule a second night of treatment) 2 hours Co-Pay
Referral sent to the lab Two weeks to verify insurance and schedule $600 – $900
Results 2 to 3 weeks later
Third Doctor Visit (get results from the second sleep study, referral sent to medical equipment company or sleep lab) 2 hours Co-Pay
Referral sent to DME or Sleep Lab Two weeks to verify and schedule for CPAP/BIPAP Setup $900 – $1700

On average, traditional sleep study programs cost an estimated $3,500 to $4,000 and take as long as three months to complete.

Let’s contrast this against our much leaner process.

Our Taylormade Process

We provide an online platform that allows patients to receive the interventions they require without needing to visit a sleep lab. Our robust team of board-certified sleep specialists and board-certified directors handle the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients while bypassing the inconveniences of the traditional process. This means that your employees can receive care at any time that is convenient for them.

We have streamlined a cumbersome three-month process down to 48 hours!

Our process is fast, simple, and effective:

  • Book Online Appointment
  • Telemed consultation to educate and inform patients of the importance of the study
  • Mail Home Study Unit (expedited to and from)
  • Interpret, Diagnose, and Recommendation
  • Offer a prescription for appropriate treatment options

Taylormade is a cash-pay organization. We charge a flat-rate fee of $475.

Patients are presented with a breakdown of costs, including a line item receipt as well as consultation notes, OCST (Out of Center Sleep Testing) reports, and OCST interpretation. We provide these documents to facilitate the insurance reimbursement process.

Why Taylormade?

As a leading sleep services and consulting firm in Gilbert, AZ, we know that follow-through is key to wellness. We not only identify problems, but we also go beyond and provide lasting solutions. It’s not enough to give employees a sleep quiz and tell them that they need a sleep study. We work to get your employees tested and treated because we know that a happy and well-rested employee makes for a productive and profitable company.

Let Us Help You Help Your Employees

  • Online Sleep Clinic Helps Patients Everywhere
  • No Doctor Visits Needed (We are the Specialists)
  • Telemed Evaluation
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Personalized Treatment Options
  • Online Booking at Patients’ Convenience
  • Educational Seminars
  • Corporate Health Fairs

You can make a difference in your employees’ lives by choosing Taylormade Sleep Services and Consulting. Over 26 million people go undiagnosed every year and continue to suffer severe sleep deprivation consequences, unknowingly. With our Corporate Health Sleep Services, we can change your employees’ lives for the better and boost your corporate wellness.

Get in touch with Taylormade today and speak with one of our corporate wellness representatives.

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