Clinically proven to significantly reduce mild sleep apnea and snoring. eXciteOSA® is a 20 minute daytime therapy for mild OSA and snoring, and has the potential to increase efficiency of a Mandibular Advancement Device.

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How does eXciteOSA work?

The eXciteOSA works by stimulating and restoring muscles in the tongue, helping to prevent partial airway collapse during sleep. This treatment takes 20 minutes during the day, and typically takes 6 weeks of use to see results.

Is eXciteOSA FDA approved?

Yes, the eXciteOSA has been assessed by the FDA, and has been approved for adults over 18 years old.

How effective is eXciteOSA?

The eXciteOSA has shown an 83% success rate in clinical testing. Book an appointment today to speak with TaylorMade Sleep Services about how our concierge at home sleep study services can help you!

How is eXciteOSA® different from other therapies?

eXciteOSA is a 20 minute daytime therapy, unlike traditional airway therapy requiring wear during your nightly sleep. This device treats the root cause of your sleep issues, and maintenance use is recommended past the initial 6 week period to keep your results up.

If a person stops using eXciteOSA®, will apnea or snoring return?

Generally, yes. It’s recommended that you maintain the results of your eXciteOSA treatment by continuing to use the device after the initial 6 week period. Feel free to reach out to TaylorMade Sleep Services to discuss a maintenance schedule once you’ve completed your initial treatment.

What you can expect during and after OSA therapy?

eXciteOSA is 20 minute daytime treatment – no more PAP devices! TaylorMade Sleep Services repeats your sleep study after the recommended 6 weeks of treatment to recalculate your AHI to ensure snoring and/or apnea have been reduced.

Do you need a prescription for eXciteOSA?

A prescription is needed to purchase this device.

Book an appointment now to meet with the sleep expert at TaylorMade Sleep Services for information regarding the eXciteOSA and get approved for a prescription if this device is right for you.

Who makes eXciteOSA device?

Signifier Health is the manufacturer of the eXciteOSA.

Does insurance cover eXciteOSA?

eXciteOSA can be purchased using HSA or FSA funds.

Your insurance policy may not cover this device – it’s best to reach out directly to your insurance provider with any questions about reimbursement. TaylorMade Sleep’s all-inclusive concierge service will help with any paperwork needed for your insurance provider.

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