Side-Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Why It Needs to Be Tested

Do you feel exhausted, irritable, and bleary-eyed every morning? Are you nodding off during important office meetings? Most of us don’t get enough sleep, and this impacts our physical and mental health eventually.

If you’ve been struggling with sleep deprivation, please contact our trained sleep experts near you for diagnosis and personalized therapy.

Why Do We Need to Sleep?

A full 8 hours of good sleep is the foundation for good health, however if the quality of this sleep is insufficient you may feel like you slept maybe only a couple of hours. Sleep is as important as nutrition or exercise, or perhaps even more so, as lack of sleep can affect our health in several ways. While we sleep, the human body works hard to release essential hormones, repair cells, and restore energy levels. Adults need roughly between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, depending on age, health status, nature of work, and stamina levels.

If interrupted sleep is interfering with your well-being and health, please contact Taylor made Sleep Services and Consulting for an appointment.

Benefits of Getting Tested

After testing and treatment, patients are extremely likely to enjoy higher levels of energy, improved immunity, reduction in irritability and mood swings, decreased fatigue, and enhanced overall well-being.

Our sleep experts use advanced testing tools for accurate diagnosis and provide effective sleep therapy solutions, depending on the cause.

Side-Effects of Sleep Deprivation

If ignored, sleep deprivation can lead to a host of side-effects such as:

Diabetes – The body reacts to sleep deprivation in a way that is similar to developing insulin resistance.

Hypertension – The body is unable to regulate stress hormones efficiently, and this can cause hypertension.

Impaired Cognitive Function – Sleep deprivation affects cognitive processes like memory, concentration, problem-solving, decision making, and creativity.

Weight Gain – Lack of sleep affects the release of appetite-regulating hormones and increases the risks of weight gain.

Depression and Anxiety – Sleeplessness lowers the levels of melatonin (a crucial hormone that regulates moods), leading to increased depression and anxiety.

Other side-effects could include low libido and testosterone levels and increased risks of heart attacks and stroke.

If you’re battling sleeplessness and wish to get yourself tested, please contact Taylor made Sleep Services and Consulting for effective sleep deprivation treatment in Mesa, AZ.

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